Mobile scrolling - weird issue

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Hi all,

A strange issue that I dearly hope someone has an answer to - any experts

When I scroll on my mobile (any page) the page or background image realigns momentarily at the beginning of scrolling and is fine thereafter.

It is really annoying however.

It seems to occur at the same point as the two scrolling arrows appear on the top right hand side of my mobile <> (these arrows are vertical though not horizontal, just using those arrows to explain).

Once it happens the scrolling thereafter is smooth even with the arrows present, it's like they make the page realign (my background image seems toove down slightly).

Can anyone help (why do we even need the arrows on mobile view when you use the screen to scroll).

Hoping there is an expert out there that can solve this. I will be eternally grateful.

Thank you.


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I have added screenshots to try and explain this:

Screenshot 2.jpg Before I start to scroll down.

Screenshot 2a.jpg When I start to scroll and the slider arrows appear

You can see that the background image has moved/jumped down (behind the sections) slightly - this happens immediately at the point of starting to scroll down on mobile view - the screen seems to realign for a split section and then is fine - is it my background image (shouldn't that image remain fixed) or even maybe an header issue.

When I say slider arrows I mean the below:

Screenshot 3.jpg



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If anyone can help that would be fantastic.

Some more info:

Copied this from a previous post (didn't look as though anyone had responded to this person so remains unsolved).

This is exactly the problem I have ON MOBILE VIEW - When you scroll down from the top of the page the sticky header comes into play and there is a jump that isn't nice. This seems to be the same regardless of which browser I use.

I have removed the background image I was suing (most things I have transparent) and now the mobile (well and desktop) have no background image the scrolling appears absolutely fine on mobile - why would this be - why would a background image cause the header/mobile scroll to jump?