mobile site defaulting to desktop site on mobile

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EDIT: I fixed it, lucky I had a duplicate of a previoud debut theme. I copied and pasted the theme.liquid file over to my current theme and it fixed it.

I currently have the debut theme installed. Everything is fine, except when I woke up this morning, my website is showing as desktop style on mobile. It never used to do this. I never edited my CSS or scripts to do this.

All of a sudden on mobile it's showing desktop. I tried other mobile web browsers, the same.

What is the fix?

Screenshot below from my mobile, showing desktop. My mobile is not on desktop view settings.


Screenshot_20220426-152501_Samsung Internet.jpg

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Hey  @onyx_au 
I have checked and saw this is due to you may be changes with you theme.liquid file
please change 0 to 1 and you can see differentiate for better understanding please check the screenshot and let me know if is this working for you or not?