Molla Theme: Jumping to Page 2 Does not Refresh the Page

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Hello community,


I am using Molla Theme, and I have the following problem on a collections page:


When I am on the main page of a collection ( .../collections/collectionX) and I click on page 2 at the bottom (or any page other than page 1), it will load the products of that page, but the navigator does not jump to the top of the page:




However, when I am for example on page 3, and I click on page 2, it works well and the browser jumps to the top of the page as expected. Even when I am on the site  .../collections/collectionX?page=1, all works well. The problem seems to be present only when I am on the site .../collections/collectionX.


Does anyone know why this is happening?


In case more information is needed, please let me know!


Many thanks !

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