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I want to accomplish a few things with the Monaco Theme that I couldn't manage to do on the test run. Since it's not free, I want to make sure I can do these before I purchase;


- Enlarge the logo (larger than 40px) (with the test it only allows me to enlarge the logo up to 40px)

- There are multiple options in the theme (allure, bliss, essence...) but when you add the theme to try, it doesn't allow you to choose those options. I want the header to look like the one in the BLISS, but there is nowhere to change that.

- Have the menu items vertically not horizontally


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Hi @Begus,


Since not all of developers here have access to paid themes, I suggest to contact the theme provider directly. You can click the name of the provider here, and it should bring your to their website. 

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