Re: Motion v4.5.0 Theme - Edit Color Swatch Appearance

Motion v4.5.0 Theme - Edit Color Swatch Appearance

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I'm looking to change the appearance of the product grid color swatch from this color swatch.PNG


to this color swatch2.PNG I know it seems miniscule but I don't understand the arrows and I don't want it to confuse customers. I went to the theme owner and found instructions but they don't seem to apply to Shopify. 

How can I fix this? Would like to just simply it. Thanks. 

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I have seen that it's not fixed yet on your store.
Please let me know if you need any assistance.

Thank You

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Hello thank you for responding, I do still need help.

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I hadn't found a solution yet

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Hey I found the solution to the problem 
what you have to do is just delete one line of code and the arrows will go away

 WhatsApp Image 2023-02-20 at 03.40.16.jpg

delete this line from scss file 


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did you try to visit this page on different browser, if not kindly have a look hopefully you wont see these arrows. I think arrows are showing because you are logged into your admn pannel.