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I am looking for help moving the description underneath the product image. We currently have an unlimited option application, which sometimes makes the page height considerably large. Looking to space out the information, so it's not only on the right side of the page. 

You can see here for reference:

Any help would be great!

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Here's how I would approach this:

1) Search your theme for product.description, then you can find which file it's in, and move it around (best way to search in themes is to export and then search locally on your computer).

2) For putting it under images, look for the theme template / section / snippet that shows your images. You can do this by reading the code, starting with the Template product.liquid. From there, trace the files that it includes, and eventually you'll find one that shows the images (I'd probably look for some code like product.images).

3) Once you find the images code, paste in the code you found showing the product description from step 1.

4) Preview the theme and see how it looks. You may need to edit some CSS but maybe not.

Do all of this on a backup theme of course, so you can edit freely without affecting your live site.

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