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Hello everyone, 


I was struggling to change sizes width of my footer menu in shopify. However, I managed to do so but now I'm stuck as my social media icons appear "sandwiched" between two rows of my footer menu. I want it to appear at the bottom (in desktop view). in mobile view it seems fine. 


Please do help me  out. This is what I added in my base.css file at the bottom: 


/*solution two */
@media(min-width: 768px){
.footer .footer__content-top{ display: flex; align-items: flex-start;}
.footer .footer__content-top .grid{ width: 55%;}
.footer .footer-block--newsletter{ width: 25%;}



Screenshot 2023-03-18 230629.png

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I managed to increase the space but those two bottom menus. I don't know how I move it up. 

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Hi @kashco 


Can you give me your page URL (with pass if your store password is enabled), so I can check it for you? 


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I appreciate your response. I've managed to add several footer menu (which was my aim too) and figured how to split them. tahnk you.