Moving Headings in Slideshow to the bottom Prestige

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Good day to everyone,

I am trying to move the headings in the slideshow to the bottom of the page and i can;t figure out what css to add

Can someone also help with decreasing the distance between the two ?? just by 10px

This is my slide now:


This is the desired result:


Website ulr:

Password: stoyol

Thank you very much in advance!

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Go to Online Store->Theme->Edit code then go to assets/theme.css ->paste below code at the bottom of the file. 

.Slideshow__Content--bottomCenter, .Slideshow__Content--bottomLeft, .Slideshow__Content--bottomRight {
    bottom: 20px !important;


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This is an accepted solution.

Hello @NZA 

Go to Online Store-> Theme->Edit code then go to assets/theme.css ->paste the below code at the bottom of the file. 

I have also reduced gap between main heading and subheading, as per your desired screenshot.


.Slideshow__Content--bottomCenter, .Slideshow__Content--bottomLeft, .Slideshow__Content--bottomRight {
    bottom: 30px !important;}
.Slideshow__Content header.SectionHeader h2 {
    line-height: 1;


Thanks, Hope this helps

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