Moving items my way in header

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Hi there!


I'm very new to Shopify with my recently open ecommerce and would love some help.


I've been reading and trying changes myself of some of the questions similar to mine but somehow I can not make it possible.


1. Would like the header look like the example below. Been looking how to move the search icon to the right as it appears in the smartphone version.


2. Also tried to bold the menu as bold to 600 or 800 in theme.liquid but nothing happened. May I have to do something else?


3. My point of view, would love to move the menu to the left, as it would look cleaner and more professional will thiner a bit the header. And also will be in a closer design in the phone version.


4. Last one. Could the language/country be moved to the announcement bar? That would be superb! 😍


Well, thank you guys for your help.






Captura de pantalla 2024-04-09 a les 15.03.10.png

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Hello @TopRock 


Welcome to Shopify Community.


Okay so all the request are possible to make to your theme but all needs to change the code structure in theme in order to move the elements and have to adjust the styles according to it. So I would recommend you to seek help of a developer at reasonable cost.


Let me know if you are looking for.



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Hey, thanks for the reply. I would do it myself as used to in WP before, the only thing is got to learn Shopify and maybe I can make it, recently while trying to do some changes found that it does not work for my template, example; this one: 


I have the Sense template and really like it, would just do those little changes, nothing else.



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I have managed myself to find the way to move search icon to the right. So num. 1 on the list is done.


Still having trouble of making menu bold, just able to hover and now it has an underline which I would like to get rid of too.


Moving the menu bar to the left aligned with the logo still now found how to in browser only, I could move it on mobile but it is ok as is.


I've seen some other Shopify sites having country/language selector on announcement bar and still not found how to either.


While learning a bit by the day of how Shopify code works, I'm trying some of the discussions but seems like does not affect much to mine.


Any help please?