Multi-column drop down menu in Debut theme

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I have been trying for hours to figure this out. Two of our drop down menus are too long and we need to split them into two columns. Is there any help or advice? my theme is Debut theme

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for that need code changes, but you can do smart and fast way by adding this

.site-nav__dropdown-link{ overflow: hidden;text-overflow: ellipsis;}
.site-nav__dropdown>li{max-width: 365px;}

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hi thanks ,it did work.

but now ive moved nav bar layout and the wrong column is double drop down.

for example CBD campaign should be 1 single column and Knowledge centre should be 2 or 3 rows if possible .

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I successfully added this 2 column code to my theme.scss.liquid file, however it does not work on mobile. I cannot scroll or see half of the menu items in my Products by Saint drop down on mobile. Do you have solution that would work there? Thanks

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Please use below code to split your long column into small ones:

$("#SiteNav li ul").each(function(){
var len = jQuery(this).find('li').length;
if(len > 9){

list2Columns: function(numCols)
var listItems = $(this).find('li'); /* get the list data */
var listHeader = $(this);
var numListItems = listItems.length;
var numItemsPerCol = Math.ceil(numListItems / numCols); /* divide by the number of columns requires */
var currentColNum = 1, currentItemNumber = 1, returnHtml = '', i = 0;
var classname = $(this).parent().attr('id');

/* append the columns */
for (i=1;i<=numCols;i++)
$(this).parent().append('<ul class="column list-column-' +classname+ i + '"></ul>');

/* append the items to the columns */
$.each(listItems, function (i, v)
if (currentItemNumber <= numItemsPerCol){
currentItemNumber ++;
currentItemNumber = 1;
currentColNum ++;
$(this).remove(); /*clean previous content */




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Thanks for the quick response, but that didn't work when added to theme.js.