Multicolumn id issue

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I've created 2 Multicolumn sections. I edit code of Multicolumn 1 on mobile and it also affect Multicolumn 2.

How can I fix that (add id to Multicolumn 1 code?)

Please check my url: 

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Hi @collins276 ,


Can you explain what the issue is? I reviewed the home page and everything looks normal. If you could provide us screenshot of the issue, It would be very easy for us to navigate.

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Hi Makka,

Did you check the Multicolumn 2 in Mobile view? It gets affected by the code of Multicolumn 1 (in mobile view) so the images have different heights (as the above screen shoot)

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Hi @theycallmemakka 

This is the code for Multicolumn 1 section in Mobile view


   .multicolumn-list li:nth-child(2), .multicolumn-list li:nth-child(3) {
    max-width: calc(50% - 2px) !important;

And this code also affects the Multicolumn 2 section cause they have the same structure, classname. The screen shoot above is Multicolumn 2 section's, its images have uneven heights due to this code.