multiple images under eachother with the same size and without outline in product page

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I have a small problem with my shopify product page, nothing too serious but I think it should be easy to solve. When I have multiple images on a product page they won’t stack under eachother in the same size. The first picture is the normal size I want but the second one is smaller and weirdly shifted on the left side. In the shopify store editor i use the option: Desktop layout -> Stacked.
Also the images are transparent .pngs but for some reason they have this weird outline.

Is there a way to fix it and have multiple images stacked with the same size underneath each other?

Snímek obrazovky 2024-05-27 v 21.16.03.png

I use the Dawn theme.


Shop link:

Password: rtaipu

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Hi @motyckaa ,


Add below css to base.css file.


ul.product__media-list li.scroll-trigger:not(.scroll-trigger--offscreen).animate--fade-in {
    width: 100%;
    max-width: 100%;


Thank you

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the code works, the images are the same size! thank you so much!!!

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well it works on desktop, but for some reason it made the phone version shift the image to the right a little bit and now shows that there are 3 images instead of two, but i can only see the two that are uploaded there.


do you know how to solve it please @LuffyOnePiece ? thank you