multiple product images - group by color variant

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Hi Shopify faily

I am using the Minimal theme, for our clothing store, therefore we have lots of products with multiple color variants,

when selecting a color swatch, I want only product pictures of the same color showing,

check this out to see what i mean 

how can I do this , grouping images by color ?

is there an app i can use? or do I need code customization? 

im also open to switching to a theme that offers this,     

thanks Naz   

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You may want to look at this thread

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Thanks Propero for the reply


yes I already saw that thread, it's about creating color swatches on product page for each color variant.

my question is:

- after creating the swatches, when clicking on the blue swatch (for ex) will the client see ONLY blue shirt's photos ? or all the photos will still show.

( we want to filter product images by color, we have 4-5 colors per product and 4-5 images for each color)

see this link as an example: and try selecting different swatches, only photos of that same color will show

thanks again


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If I am trying to do this without having to add yet another app to my store, how would I do this for the multiple pictures per color variant?