Multirow button to send you to a new page withing the store

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Hello everyone, I have finally decided to open an online store and this seemed like the perfect platform to begin.

Im a little confused on the usage of pages and buttons, and I guess navigation as a whole.


At this moment, I have created a new page that displays a multirow component, said multirow has a button each, I have created 3 different pages from the pages menu and linked them to the button, but when I click the button it does not send me to the newly created page, it just changed the text the new page has, keeping the content of the old one. What am I doing wrong?

Truly a marvelous sight.
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Hey @mosaics,


Can I have the link to your store? (You can also share preview link if you haven't published the store)

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Im sorry but im only getting as far as to show you this, I cant get a preview link on the page that this happens which is "teselas". As I said withint that page I have a multirow component that nly changes the name of the page with each click, no redirection is being made as far as Im aware. 


All of this is because im trying to get some kind of filter going, I have installed search and discovery but I dont know if it will manage to get the effect I want. For example, once the client has clicked on one of the buttons it will redirect him to a catalog based on the option he has chosen. I want the user to choose the product based on color, shape or texture, if the client decides to buy blue, I want to ask him what texture and what size, if he wants to start by size I want to ask him what color/ texture and if he dedices to start with texture I want to give him the option to select the color/size of it.... Can I get that working with search and discovery? Perhaps I should open a new thread to ask this.




"Teselas" with the component.


The page after I have clicked "Empecemos por colores" button, as you can see, it has only changed text within the same page, even displaying the same component.

Truly a marvelous sight.