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Can someone help me to make multirow in mobile view to be in two column? I want it to look like text and image on same row instead of text displaying under the image.

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Hello, on the div container that holds  that content, you can set it on mobile view to:


display: flex

flex-direction: row

Just go to edit code, select the section then make customizations on mobile view.
If you are having a problem, maybe I can schedule a google meeting and help you out


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If you don't mind would you like to specify for me? 

The website URL is

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Hi @thekidreyz ,


Please follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Online store => Themes => Edit code



2. Find theme.css file and add the CSS 

Wrap the CSS inside this to apply the code on mobile screen only

@media screen and (max-width: 400px) {
  // your code css


In div class "image-with-text__grid", add width for 2 child divs so that the total width of them is 100%




In the div containing the text description, add the following CSS properties to align accordingly:




Hope this will help


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