My Add to cart button is missing on my Default Products (Theme Template)

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Hello there,


I noticed that my add to cart button is missing  All of my other products that have customizations have the add to cart button, it seems very odd why I don't have it and I'm wondering if you can help as we have tried to google and ask and we can't seem to find anyone to help. Is there a way for us to fix the default theme template? or create a new one for items that do not have any variants?


thank you so much for you help, looking forward to getting this figured out.

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That's beyond Amazing. You have no idea how lost we were trying to sort
this out!

Thank you so so so much for helping us and so quickly... Simply Amazing!

Have a wonderful night!
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This is an accepted solution.

@as14 - welcome, one request, can you like and mark some post as solution?

You are welcome to contact me, my email - ,My timezone is GMT+5:30

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