My Footer Email Sign Up Just Refreshes The Page, HELP!

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Hi, can anyone help? I have the Vantage theme on my website and I have my email sign up in the footer, if you sign up for my list and hit the arrow it just refreshes the whole page and brings you to the top and then when you scroll back to the bottom it shows blue/white "thanks for signing up" that you can barely read. Can someone please help me figure out what code needs to be fixed? I just want to click the arrow and nothing refresh. 


Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 11.13.10 PM.png

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Hi @JamieKoala 

It works correctly; after subscribing to your newsletter, it reloads your page and displays a thank you message in the form, but it is white, so you cannot see it. 

Please add this code to your theme.liquid, after <head> to make thank you message display

#footer-signup p { color: #333; }



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is it possible to not have it reload the page and just show up with the
thank you message?