My site measurements are off

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So my cart and wishlist are kind of out the frame of my website on mobile mode only. I have no idea how to fix it without damaging the code. Please help


Open my website with your phone to see what i am saying. once open, you will see its out of frame and i can slide out of frame too. I dont want any left right slide. It should only be able to move up and down.


You can only see the issue in mobile version mode.


Someone please help

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In a custom css setting try the following css band-aid: 


/* 2023-10-13 Paul N. , css band-aid to fix excess horizontal scroll from header icons going outside page width */
.header__icons {
    justify-self: center !important;
    justify-content: space-between !important;



That's just a bandaid though, there's something going on with the insertion of the wishlist making it pop out past the headers width that's more than a few minutes trying to spot it.

Probably want to run an HTML validation on the site as well to spot any egregious errors.

But generally you want to run that test before you make a change to the theme code then afterwards to spot new issues.

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