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My homepage logo is appearing tiny on mobile for some reason and changing the logo height doesn't seem to help. I had a quick look in theme code but can't seem to see how to change this.

Any help would be much appeciated,


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I know this is an old post but just in case some of you were not able to fix the issue, I found my own solution through experimenting. This should work both for mobile and desktop. Good luck!


Edit Code >

Sections >

header.liquid >

look for ""id": "logo_max_height"" >

scroll down to "max": and change the default to a your desired pixel size.

If you want to double it, 2x your current pixel size. 

Final step:

Online Store >

Themes >

Customize >

Header > 

Adjust the slider manually to your desired new Max height.

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Thanks for the answers! I am currently studying web design, namely the creation of a logo and its adaptation for a site/application when opening with any device.

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Thanks so much this was really helpful!

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I could kiss you!! thanks so much for this!!