Narrative Theme - Removing raw code in product title appearing in checkout cart

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How can i solve this issue of raw code appearing in the checkout cart?


As the website is meant to be dual language, we had to add html in the product title so that the two lines can be translated and customised. We have tried using vendor to add the small description, but we could not find a way to translate it.

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Thank you

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You can't enter html tags inside product title to format it. You need to keep that simple as per the SEO terms. If you enter html there then it shows as it is like it is showing now.

What exactly you want to do with the product title?

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Hey! Thanks for reaching out, Harper here! 

To solve this issue just simply remove the raw code from the Product title and you should be all good to go!

Thanks, Warmest Regards,

Harper & Shopify Dev Team

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@dmwwebartisan @Harper007 

Hi, thanks for the replies, what i want to do is basically have KOMME K5 as the product title, and below it a text without bold "Premium packaging (2 bottles per box)". In addition, we need a way to translate this 2 parts to the chinese version too.