Need help to update the shopify cart when adding or removing products

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I'm trying to implement a feature where the cart page reloads automatically upon adding or removing a product, all while removing the "Update Cart" button.

I've made some code changes to the cart page and the ajax-cart.js.liquid file. However, I'm experiencing difficulties getting the desired functionality to work as expected. The cart is Ajax-based, and I'm in need of expert guidance to ensure the changes are implemented correctly.

The current code modifications I've made can be shared with you for review. I would greatly appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue and ensuring the cart page functions smoothly without the need for the "Update Cart" button.

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Hey Boliye,
If you are not very good at JavaScript and AJAX then you won't able to make it happen and this is not something easy things to do that i can guide you. 

I would suggest you to hire a professional for that. 

You can message us as well. We can help you with this. 



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Hey there Nafiul! I appreciate your reply. The problem is that I'm not in a state to hire someone and would appreciate that if I could as you as a staff and you can  look to see if the problem is easy to solve. Please I would really grateful