Need help with cart and checkout page for upsells not showing discount combined savings

Need help with cart and checkout page for upsells not showing discount combined savings

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looking to code my cart and checkout to show the discount since it doesnt show it for my first product but as it shows for my second product. is this possible? The theme I use is Sense version 14.0.0.


Another information I would like to share is that I use Vitals app for upsells in which in the cart and checkout page, the discount shows for the discount for the upsell I created. The thing is that I have added a sale yet it was done through coding customization which shows "on sale" item. The problem is the customization does not extend through the cart nor the checkout page which does not let the customers how much they are saving in total. 


 in my cart and checkout page it shows the discount for the upsell i created, however, i also previously added a sale not through vitals just a normal 'on sale' item however that amount is not visible in the cart and checkout page and doesnt let the customer know how much they are saving total, it only shows them for one item. i would like someones help if they know how to code this so it can display it for them and they can see how much money they are saving in total. also small note in my upsell offer "buy 1 (my original product), get the second 50% off", theres no cross out as well from the price as it is at the top. so i would need help coding that as well.


notice how in picture 1 it says you save $160, but then it doesn't for pic 2. and in the cart screenshot 3 it doesnt add the two for discount savings (160+70=230). it shows discount -$70, i would to show $230. with the discount it from compare at price it doesnt suggest that as discount only from vitals since its coded a certain way. so i know speaking to customer support we cant change the discount code as you in pic 4, but we can manipulate the page by crossing out and changing the numerical values in certain spots. this is why i would need help coding.


and for the checkout page screenshot 4 it combines the $70 discount for both products. can we do the same discount i have where it says $160 off the 239.95 product, and then $70 off the 129.95 product. to reflect $230 total savings shows in cart and in checkout page, this is what i want to show. I will need a coder to code this to make it both the same. 


do cross outs and change the numerical value in the 'discount' and 'total savings' part but i hope that doesnt affect the discount code shown and applied at checkout.


thanks for your help!





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