Need theme code to change header and background color on ONE specific collection/page

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Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone can assist me in getting my "vintage" collections background and header changed to a grey color (#AEAEAE). My current page's theme is a tan gradient color but I want my "vintage" collection to look grey to give the website a more aged look when customers go to that section! Whenever I try and change the theme on that specific page, it changes the color for my other pages as well, so I know I will need a custom theme code. I'm terrible at understanding this stuff so if someone could write up a code for me and advise me where to place it, I would GREATLY appreciate it ❤️ 

(for something that seems so easy, why does shopify make this so difficult)



Page where I want the background and header grey:

Password: owbieb

Hex code #AEAEAE

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Hi @TheDealThief 

Please go to your Online store > Themes > Edit code > open theme.liquid file, add this code under <head> element 

{% if == 295535476934 %}
.header-wrapper { background-color: #AEAEAE !important; }
{% endif %}


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Hey Dan, so it still has not changed the color for the vintage collection/page on my website. I believe I did everything correct <see below> 


Screenshot 2024-01-26 115757.jpg