New 2.0 Themes with a collapsible size chart area: how the heck do you get them to work??

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I'm trying to update from a very old theme to one of the new ones:  Craft which is a Shopify theme.  I adore it and it's been easy to customize so far except that I've run into one huge problem that I can't seem to get any help with.  It has a three collapsible blocks:  Materials, Care Info and Sizing.  For most things I can think of sizing information is usually communicated with a chart or tabular data. 


From everything I've tried and researched, it looks like these themes use dynamic sources in metafields to fill in this product info, which is cool except for the size chart one.  It only allows text boxes as the dynamic source.  No image file, no formatted text (tabular data).  There is Page and URL as possible metafield types, but those apparently are not supported in this theme. 


How the heck is anybody implementing size charts in a collapsible block in one of these themes?   Are you all hiring developers or buying apps to do what it looks like the theme should already be doing, but isn't?  I've heard nothing from Shopify support and I'm getting pretty annoyed.  If I have to wait much longer with no solution, I guess I'm going to just remove that block and put my size charts in the product description, even though that will look so dumb.

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Well, I'm going to answer my own question so that others can benefit from what I finally figured out!


The usual steps (create metafield and set it to either Page or Reference, then set the metafield value in your product page), then when you go to customize the theme, click on the Sizing block and.... here's the trick:  Ignore the Row Content field, and instead click on the Connect Dynamic Source icon under Row Content from Page area.  I'll try to attach a screenshot here to illustrate.

Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 5.39.46 PM.jpg

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Thank you for this! I was struggling. But i do have a followup.


Is there a way that this can be applied automatically to products that fit a certain category or tag? Like clothing for example or do I have to do this for each individual product. Because I sell both clothing and toys and obviously a size chart would only apply to clothing.


any help is much appreciated!