New user: Trying to figure out how to "nest" by products, under my collections.

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New user: Trying to figure out how to "nest" by products, under my collections.
Thank you all for taking a minute to help me. I think my problem is a single click away, but I have been messing around for weeks and still can't get my products arranged under the categories I want. Here is the best way I can explain what I am trying to solve for.
1.) I would like the section "EBike", that I have created in my top navigation bar to bring my customer to a page that has the collections of Ebikes brands I carry. In the way that they are now on my landing page. I want them nested inside that "Ebike" link, and not splayed out on the landing page. If I click "Ebikes", it brings me to my collections. If I click on any collection. It just refreshes the page. I have all the products categories matching? 
2.) I can not figure out how to get all of the product listings I have created to show up under any specific category. Say for instance. I would like a customer to Click. "Ebike" at the top. It opens to a page of the 6 brands I carry. Then, when they click that a brand say "JackRabbit" for instance. I would like it to take them to the items I have already classified as JackRabbit products, and no other ones.
As it stands now, they are all just on my home page, in the huge, unorganized directory. 
I am filling out all of the product information in a way that seems to be correct, but must not be. Or I am missing something all together. Thanks for your help. 
Screenshot 2024-05-19 at 3.43.37 PM.png

Right now, clicking any of my collection buttons, will just refresh the page. I believe I have classified all the product aka inventory correctly. But I cant fiqure out how to make it open in that window. 

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