Newsletter Language for Already Subscribed Users

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In the theme language settings, it seems there's only a post-submit message if someone has NOT subscribed to our mailing list.

But when a subscribed e-mail tries to sign up again, the page refreshes and does nothing and does not give an error message like "You have already subscribed!"

How can I add a "You have already subscribed!" post-message if someone tries to re-subscribe?

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Hi @onyx_au


Newsletter Language for Already Subscribed users you need to add following code:


Add following script on this file: SALES CHANNELS > Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit code > Assets > global.js

var live_url = window.location.href;
var result = live_url.includes('form_type=customer');
var input_val = document.querySelector('#NewsletterForm--footer').value.length;
if(result && input_val != 0){
    const add_ele = document.createElement("h3");
    add_ele.innerText = "You have already subscribed!";


Add following CSS code on this file: SALES CHANNELS > Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit code > Assets > component-newsletter.css

  color: red;


How it will looks like after adding above code in your Shopify Store:


Thank you.

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Worked perfectly for me!

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Hi @SheetalZadfiya ! Would you happen to have an updated code for the Dawn theme? I tried using the code above to enable the "You've already subscribed!" message, but it doesn't appear to work. Thank you so much in advance!