No save button in pages of dawn theme

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I was sold a unlicensed copy of Impulse theme by a Fiverr freelancer in October 2023. And no, I had no clue what he did until 2 weeks ago I got shut down by shopify. They gave me a 24 hour notice to either pay them $380.00 which I already had a ton of money invested in it, but couldn't afford it. So I was forced to uninstall it and go with Dawn Theme. It's taken me 2 weeks to figure this out. But the about us page he created for me is there in footer menu in navigation, and in pages. But the the button that says visibility had nothing checked off. So when I check visible, the saved button beside it changes to a Save Filters Button with a star beside it. And if you leave to go check and see if it worked, and find out it didn't. When you go back. Everything is back to where it was. The visibility goes back to not being checked. I talked with support 48 hours ago for a hour. And only thing he came up with to do is reset it and wait 48 hours. And today is 48 hours and saved button isn't there. Also Today I noticed it's not only the about us page not showing up. But I created a blog post just to see what it's for and it's also doing the same thing. So what do I do now?

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