No SMS is sent to customer for confirming that he wants to receive SMS marketing

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Hi everyone,

I'll be grateful if someone can help me with the following.

I have selected the "Show an option to subscribe at checkout" in the Marketing Consent section (for both Email Marketing and SMS Marketing) in Settings | Checkout.

I have selected the double opt-in for email subscription and also for SMS subscription in the Marketing section in Settings | Notifications.

When placing myself a test order I see the "Text me with news and offers" and the "Email me with news and offers" checkboxes, if I select both I do receive the email to confirm that I want to receive email marketing but I don't receive the SMS.

The mobile phone number is correct because if I choose to send the order confirmation to the mobile number instead of email then an SMS is sent with the order confirmation.

So, in short, my Shopify store is able to send SMS messages for order confirmation but not for confirming that I want to receive SMS marketing.

Does anyone know what I might be setting up incorrectly?

Something that I have noticed is that I see an Email marketing section in the Customers page with the status "Subscribed" because I subscribed via the email but I wonder why there's no SMS marketing section in the Customers page, could it be that I need to install an app to be able to send SMSs to have customers confirming that they want to receive SMS marketing?

Thank you very much in advance,


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