Non-English color for swatches (Showcase Theme)

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I am using Showcase theme for my shop, but having trouble setting up color swatches because I want to use non-English names for my colors.

There are two things I want to achieve get help on:
1) Currently, the theme enables swatch only if the variant name is set to "Color". However, I want to use my native language "색상" instead of "Color" as my variant name and still have the color swatch enabled.
2) Showcase theme allows using image-based swatches (show uploaded images for color options). This is working well with English color names and the images uploaded are in "english-name.png" format. But this doesn't work if I try with color options and images in another language. How can I make this work with a non-English language?

I saw some threads related to other themes, but couldn't find a way to apply them to the Showcase theme. I'd really appreciate if anyone can help me figure out how to do this for the Showcase theme.

Thank you!