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Not Able to add product grid to desired pages- Taste Theme

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So basically, on any given page of my home decor store, say "ornaments" I can only add featured products or featured collections sections, There is no option to add a grid of products as I see in many stores. The only place the product grid section appears is under the full catalogue.


I want to add given products to a given page but not under a collection or as a featured product.


I'm guessing it's a coding issue.

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I am also facing same issue. I can redirect to custom collection but i want to add product list in the page page. May i know how you solved that issue ?

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I went to navigation, then opened the main menu, from there I added a menu option: gave it the desired name and went to search for 'all products' the page will then show up with a product grid.

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Thanks Afyseth! You solved my problem where shopify support cannot and asked me to hire an expert for it 🙂