On PDP, product price disappears when I select a variant

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My store has a lot of products with multiple variants, and in some cases, variants are priced differently which is why it's really important I get this fixed. When looking at the product page for any of our multi-variant products, when I select a different variant option from the dropdown, the price disappears. This happens even when selecting a variant that is the same price as the default. The prices are showing up correctly in the cart once added and if refresh the page after selecting the variant, or go directly to any given variant of a product via URL, the price displays correctly. I'm far from an expert with code but usually pretty good with troubleshooting and identifying issues like this one. However I've combed through all the files I think could be related and cannot for the life of me figure out what's causing this. 

Example of a product where this issue occurs: https://www.singlestone.com/collections/bands/products/large-jane-band?variant=35380945158309


Would really appreciate any assistance!

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Hi, sorry I'm new here and can't find an option to delete or mark this thread closed. But I figured out the problem.

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How? I can't find the solution. I have the same problem.


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Hi Rachel,

I have run into a similar issue. Could you please provide more info on what you fixed or at least a hint on what to look at?


That would be great! 🙂