One store, two websites, how to prevent buying for some from one website but not the other.

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I have one store.  Is there a way through code where I can allow everyone to buy product when they click a link from WIX website #1, but only let wholesalers buy products when they come from a link on WIX website #2?  I'm trying to do it using collections where website #1 uses a URL pointing to collection #1 and website #2 uses  a URL pointing to collection #2.  Then maybe I can setup the product page to have some logic where it detects the collection it came from.  If product comes from collection #1, then allow buying whether logged in or using guest account.  If buying comes from website #2 using collection #2, then prevent buying (or hide the "Buy" button) unless logged in account has a tag of "wholesaler".  Collection #1 and Collection #2 show the same products.  I'm probably overthinking this and also trying to save money by not buying an app that may or may not be able to do what I am after.  Any thoughts?

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