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Good day to anyone reading this.


I am creating a custom uniform bundle for a baseball team that will pick a jersey, pant, and hat.  In doing this, I need to know what their THREE primary colors would be.   So, for example, I want them to tell me our main colors are RED, WHITE, BLUE.    


I do not want to list all the color options, they can pick any three colors.  Most solutions I have found want to list out every possible color.   I do not want to do that.  


I just want to know Color 1, Color 2, and Color 3.  


I could do this on the Jersey Product, where I just ask them for the 3 colors....but what I dont want to do is have a variant for each jersey that has the three colors....I dont need that many products (3 variants * 14 jersey styles = too many products to manage).


I could just ask them on the product page, but the bundle app does not seem to like that.


I would like to have a color picker as a product, and just tell them they need to choose three....but I have no idea how to do that, and not have to list out every possible color...when they can pick any color they want.


Is there a simple solution that would allow me to present the customer with a box that they click, choose the color, and do that three times?

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You can use Product Options App for this requirement.
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Checkout this example created using this App:

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thanks...taking a look now

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Hello @cromano44 


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As an option a color picker field can be given on the PDP page and when user clicks on it the colors will be passed as Product properties.


So what needs to be done is to

1. Add Color field:

2. Add the selected field as product properties and here you go.


Please note if you are not good with code rather ruining the theme by edit seek help of a developer to integrate this at reasonable cost.


Let me know if you need one.



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Hi @cromano44,

You might find it beneficial to integrate 3 Color Pickers into your product pages with the Easify Product Options app, utilizing the Color Picker option type. For example:







Give the app a try, and if you encounter any challenges during setup or usage, don't hesitate to reach out to the Easify team via the in-app live chat for prompt assistance 🤗.

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