OOTSB Turbo theme - how to add sections to 404 page, blog post etc

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Hi all


I'm using a slightly older version of the OOTSB Turbo theme (7.0.0), because the newer versions are buggy and too many issues.  The downside of this is that I cannot add sections (such as featured collection, text with image etc) to pages such as the search results page, 404 page, blog posts etc.  I'd like to be able to add the same sections that you find on the homepage to these pages.


Does anybody know how to do this? E.g. I would like to add a collection list to the bottom of the search results page.  I was able to do this in a previous version, but this now returns an error.


Thank you


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Hi @Mylikemall 

Thank you for your reply. Roughly this is what I used to do in previous versions of the theme, but for some reason it does not work in Turbo 7.0.0.  When I add the custom section I created (or one of the already-existing theme sections) to the 404 page, then it shows the following error message:


Liquid error (sections/404-template.liquid line 26): Cannot render sections inside sections


This happens even though I have added the section right at the end of the 404-template.liquid file, not within a section.

Here are screen prints showing where I added the code, and my 404 page: