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so i have two options for my candles, 4oz and 10oz

my 4oz comes with lids

but my 10oz i would like the option of choosing lid or no lid 


is there a way to do this? seems like it should be simple, but can't wrap my head around it, and Shopify help center is useless. 

pass: thayle


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This is an accepted solution.

figured it out lol

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This is an accepted solution.

figured it out lol

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Hi @Chantelrudden,


I noticed that you merged lid options with size to handle your issue (e.g., 10oz Lid & 10oz No Lid), which is an interesting solution 👍.


However, I would like to suggest an alternative approach to address your concern, especially if you anticipate having more sizes for your candles in the future (e.g., Amie candle with 4oz & 10oz).


In such cases, displaying all the variations (e.g., 4oz No Lid, 4oz Lid, 10oz No Lid, 10oz Lid) might not look ideal on the storefront.


My suggestion is to create 2 separate custom options: one for Candle Size and another for Lid. You can display the Size option as a dropdown, buttons, or radio buttons, while the Lid option can be displayed as a checkbox or toggle/switch.


To implement this solution, you can use the Easify Product Options app 🤗. Here's a quick demonstration of how you can set up your options using the app:


  • Style 1 (using buttons and checkbox option types):




  • Style 2 (using radio buttons and switch option types):



In addition to allowing you to create separate custom options, the Easify Product Options app offers several other useful features. For example, you can:

  • Set an extra price for a larger candle size or for including a candle lid.
  • Establish dependencies between the Candle Size and Lid using conditional logic. You can configure the Lid option to appear only when the "10oz" size is selected.





The app provides many more interesting features to help you manage your custom options effectively, and some of these features can even boost your sales. I encourage you to explore the app further to discover its full potential 👌.





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