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I would like to host a selection of videos that use the pay-per-view model where a customer pays for access to a video and can watch it. The use of digital downloads was brought up, but this is a pay-PER-view situation so downloading a video would not work. I have also read that there is a 10 minute video length restriction on Shopify and these videos will often be closer to 30-60 minutes long. Livestreaming will also need to be addressed in the near future. Note I am currently using the paid District theme.


Are there any apps that would serve this kind of need?

Can I use iFrame or some other method to link to a video offsite once paid for on Shopify?

I was looking into Dacast as a paywall and for livestreaming. Does anyone have experience using that?


Thanks so much for everyone's time...


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I would also like to know!

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Still no answer?  Did you ever find a good solution? 

I would like an answer to this too.  I've been trying all sorts of different setups.  One was to embed the video iframe on a blog post and then protect that blog post with the app Locksmith.  You can then only unlock it to customers who have purchased the product.  It was quite a fiddly solution and required quite a bit of customisation on the customer account side in order to view your purchased videos.

Another option was LinkIT app, but this was also not suitable to my needs and very limited in functionality.  Mainly for the same reason again that it only really gave the customers links in their emails or on the order confirmation page.  I had similar issues with Kable Digital Products.

I then tried Courses apps, like Courses Plus.  But these have all the functionality around courses and so it was too messy for just a simply pay-per-view video site.

I am now trying SkyPilot, which can integrate with Vimeo.  It's also not really what I'm looking for.  A big limitation with Shopify is the customer accounts element is not very sophisticated.  My website is intended to have videos owned by the customer for life, once they have purchased them, so I need an effective way that customers can log into their accounts and view all their videos.  I am considering an entirely different platform, because it's been nothing but pain trying all these different Shopify apps and setups.

In terms of your specific problem of charging once "per view", that makes it even more challenging really.  I have no idea on that one.  I've struggled with making it pay once and have it for life, so pay once and view once sounds even more tricky!  You might be better looking up dedicated OTT platforms with PPV monetization that are structured more like Amazon Prime or Netflix.  Sorry I'm not much help, but I'm just letting you know that I'm in quite a similar boat!!