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I imported two .json files into PageFly.  I designed these pages and they worked great!  No p roblem.  I then went into Shopify to create my Menus for my Policies (Terms of Service, Shipping Policy, Refunds and Exchanges, etc.  All these pages came out nicely.  Except I went to create a menu item called "Shop the Gimbal Vlog Pro Now"  I linked this to the product in Shopify.  Saved everything and then refreshed everything.  When I went to the site, instead of product page coming up in PageFly, the Shopify product page comes up.  iN THIS EXAMPLE VIDEO, WHEN I CLOCK ON THE PRODUCT PAGE, A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PRODUCT PAGE COMES UP - ONE THAT I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE AND IS TOTALLY UNLIKE THE PAGE I DESIGNED.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


It's PageFly here. I've just checked your video and the product page which is stick on the menu and it's currently made by PageFly. And it looks good


Please let me know if there are any issues, or you can let us know via 24/7 Live chat. Our support is always there for you.

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