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Pages not working

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Im currently using the Brandafy Beauty Demo version 1.2 Theme for my shop and I'm having the Problem since the beginning that my Pages aren't working.


Since its a Brandafy theme and they originally built the shop I contacted them cause it wasn't working since day 1 of there delivery, but customer Service = 0. Emails get ignored posts on their social media get ignored totally useless those people. Also the shop they originally supplied was a mess and I redesigned most of it.


I still like to keep the Theme since it gives me better options then other free once so I would really like to have the problem solved. 


Currently I have them set up to show 50 Products per page which helps me overcome the issue.

But if I exceed the 50 I will face the same problem again.


I noticed on mobile once you click next page nothing will happen like the button is not working.

On computer its worse it will reload the same products endlessly and the page will get stuck loading.


Please how could I fix the Problem?


Any advice would be much appreciated.


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Thank you for your reply I just sent you an email.