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[PALO ALTO] Problem with color swatches integration

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Hello to the entire Shopify community!


I'm finalizing one of my stores and I'm running into a problem I've never had until today.

(This is my first time working on Palo Alto)


I wanted to add the color swatches on my product pages, but it doesn't work.


I enabled the option in the theme, I also added .png of 50 x 50px color, naming them by the variant name "black.png" or "chrome.png", in the theme assets.


The color swatches are enabled, but the colors do not appear. Screen below:




Here is the preview of the store:

Thanks in advance for your help,



Max Costa

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Hey Max, I hope you fixed this. If not, or for anyone finding this post, I think this is why it's not working:


The theme has a long list of defined color names and what hex color or image corresponds to it in the swatches.json file.


If it cannot find a corresponding color name, it will deliver a default "blank.gif" image.


BUT, you can define these and add new ones yourself!


Go to Theme --> Edit code --> swatches.json

Here you see a list of HEX codes corresponding to a specific color name. 

Following the same structure, you can add new ones and define the color or image to be used.



      "black": "black.png"




Somewhat related but prerequisite (I think you did this already Max):


Palo Alto gets swatches from the language set in the theme.

Go to Theme --> Edit languages --> Search for "Swatches" and add the preferred name, which in default (english) is "Color" – But should in the french example be changed to "Couleur".

You can add multiple words here, so if you want separate swatches for ex. "Color" and "Pattern" you can input "Color, Pattern" (Even if the field is titled "Color").


I hope this helps you Max and any passers by. 


Best of luck, 


Tormod Tønsberg