Parallax Image effect on Stiletto

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Hi! I am trying to achieve parallax effect on the image in the section pictured. I am trying to target this section specifically as I don't want every hero image to have this effect. I've been on a deep dive in previous posts but nothing is working so far. Thank you!



pw: outdoors


Screenshot 2023-10-28 at 8.45.37 AM.png

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You can target that section exclusively by using this data attribute as the selector in your CSS code: [data-section-id="template--20732668182832__8070d793-759b-446c-9248-444e76a8f62d"]


Btw, your homepage loads super fast. Did you do something to improve the load speed?


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Thanks, that's helpful but I'm not getting it to jive with any of the parallax/fixed I'm inputting - any idea why?