Password Page - Footer - Align contents bottom left and bottom right respectively

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I want to align the copyright statement (which I've entered into Powered by shopify HTML box via the theme editor) bottom left. Then I want to align the social media links, bottom right. 


I then want the footer to have virtually no padding above and below, thus making the footer extremely condensed. 

this is all on the password page in the Spotlight theme. 


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Hi @nickdracs 
Please put this in theme.liquid before body closing tag </body>

@media only screen and (min-width: 749px) {
   .password__footer {
       padding-top: 2rem;
       flex-direction: row; 
.list-social {
    flex-basis: 50%;
.list-social:not(:empty)+.password__footer-caption {
    margin-top: 0px;

Please check if it works for you

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Hi @pawankumar


It's half worked. 


It's brought the two on to the same row, but they are now moving as a pair. I want to put the Instagram logo on one side and the copyright on the other.