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Personalisation not showing.

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Hi, I am using the Simple Theme. I have an issue with seeing customers personalisation sometimes on orders. So all box's are coded so they have to filled in with some text on the website - for 98% of these, it works and I can see their personalisation, but for some, it shows nothing. So on my website you have to put in your personalisation (or a box will pop up saying this field must be filled) then you have to click a "Confirm" box, again, if you don't, a box pops up saying you have to.

But it seems when a order comes through, it just shows they clicked confirm, and doesn't show their text.
I have checked this on many devices and as I say, it works for 98% of people..

Any idea why this wouldn't be working for some customers, as its hard to get intouch with them, say if they never check their emails?

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