Photos not uploading to multi-row section

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Please help. I have been using Wix for over 7 years and want to transition to Shopify. Im currently in the trial trying to set up my new website on Shopify. I don't know if that has anything to do with anything. The problem I have is that the photos that I choose wont appear on my Shopify website. I have a service based business. I added a section for "multi row" and looking to put a photo next to each service. The photos uploaded to my site library perfectly but when I select the photo to add it to the section, it just does nothing. It doesn't say theres an error or anything. I tried converting the pixels to large, then to normal to even as small as 300x 300. Nothing works. I tried clearing my site cookies, data and history, and it's still not working, I tried compressing the file to make the mb file size smaller, still nothing. I have tried changing the themes, still nothing. No matter what I do, its not working. Photos from free images work but not my own photos. Looking forward to hearing from someone asap! thank you!

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