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Hi, When I upload photos using the mobile app they suddenly rotate once updated. 
Using the app, you are able to crop something after it has been uploaded, however there is no way to rotate these images back to normal without using the website.


Is there any way to fix this issue so I can upload photos straight from my mobile using the app without having to edit via website? Or do I have to keep uploading photos and then using the website to rotate them back to normal?

This is the first time this has happened.


After using my laptop to rotate them back to normal, they go back to the wrong orientation after refreshing. I am getting an error saying "Thumbnail failed to upload for YouTube video, please retry again" all from just trying to rotate an image


Shopify Error - Screenshot.png

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I just refreshed my site after going through all uploaded images and rotating them manually.
They have all automatically rotated back to the wrong orientation again. I have no clue what the issue might be.

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Hello @Bruce1972 👋

I guess the app read photo EXIF data,  and rotate the photo based on camera orientation. With that being said, you can try using a mobile app to remove photo EXIF data before uploading, to see if that works.


Hope it helps.

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Yes i am having the exact same issue. How can we resolve this please? takes up so much time!