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I need help, My compare at price not showing on the product page, I somehow edited a little and it is showing the compare at price but It is not changing with variants until I refresh the page. Any help would be appreciated



 <div class="product__price__wrap">
    <div class="product__price__main" data-price-wrapper>
      <span class="product__price">
        <span data-product-price {% if current_variant.compare_at_price > current_variant.price %} class="main-sale-1"{% endif %}>
          {{ current_variant.price | money }}
              <span class="main-sale-1">
                {% if current_variant.compare_at_price > current_variant.price %}
          {{ current_variant.compare_at_price | money }}
                {% endif %}


      <span data-price-off class="product__price--off hide">
        <span data-price-off-type>{{ 'products.product.sale' | t }}</span>
        {{ 'products.product.save' | t }}
        <span data-price-off-amount></span>

      {% liquid
        assign units = product.variants | map: 'unit_price'
        if units[0]
          assign has_units = true
          assign has_units = false
      {% if has_units %}
        {% capture show_units %}
          {%- unless current_variant.unit_price -%}style="display: none;"{%- endunless -%}
        {% endcapture %}
        {% capture unit_price_separator %}
          <span aria-hidden="true">/</span><span class="visually-hidden">{{ 'general.accessibility.unit_price_separator' | t }}&nbsp;</span>
        {% endcapture %}
        {% capture unit_price_base_unit %}
            {% if current_variant.unit_price_measurement %}
              {% if current_variant.unit_price_measurement.reference_value != 1 %}
                {{ current_variant.unit_price_measurement.reference_value }}
              {%- endif -%}
              {{ current_variant.unit_price_measurement.reference_unit }}
            {% endif %}

        {% endcapture %}
        <div class="product__price--unit">
          <span data-product-unit {{ show_units }}>
            <span class="visually-hidden visually-hidden--inline">{{ 'products.product.unit_price_label' | t }}</span>
            <span data-product-unit-price id="unit-price-{{ section.id }}">{{ current_variant.unit_price | money }}</span>
            {{ unit_price_separator }}
            <span data-product-base id="unit-price-base-{{ section.id }}">{{ unit_price_base_unit }}</span>
            <span data-product-unit-price id="unit-price-{{ section.id }}">{{ current_variant.compare_at_price | money }}</span>

          <span data-price-each class="hide">
            {{ 'products.product.each' | t }}
            <span data-price-each-amount></span>
      {% endif %}



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Hello @SubhSandhu!

I won't be able to assist you with code related issues myself, but I had a look and I found the developer website of the theme developers for Pipeline. Here, you will be able to get in touch with them regarding this issue directly, and this is recommended as they know their own theme code best and may be able to help you out with this quicker.

If you find that you're unable to get the support from them, the alternative is to contact a Shopify Expert. Experts are people who work externally to Shopify and charge their rates based on the work that they do. They can help you out even with third party theme related issues such as Pipeline. 

On another note, since you mentioned that this issue in particular is with compare at price, I wanted to ask you if this is something you're displaying for BFCM 2021. Is this your first season, or have you been through BFCM with your store already? Either way, I have a fantastic Shopify Blog article for you on our BFCM 2021 Preparation Tips - do be sure to check this out and let me know if you have any other questions. 

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