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Please help me customize my store for reviews

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I recently hired someone on Fiverr to help me import product reviews. 
At first, the reviews were displaying properly, but the average rate for every product showed five full stars (as if the rate is 5.0)
The guy I hired told me to install Judge.Me, and after I did that he said I need some customisation for the reviews to display properly (see image how it looks now)
Is someone here able to help me fix this? 
Thank you in advance!




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Hello @Sandra45MJ ,


Could you please share the following information about your store so I can inspect and troubleshoot for you?

- your store URL

- storefront password (if your store has any) 


As a first step, can you try going to

- (from your Shopify Admin) Online Store > Themes > Choose your current live theme > Actions > Edit Code. 

- Open the Layout folder > choose the file theme.liquid

- Search for the term 'judgeme_core' in the file. If there are no results, you can add this code right before </head> for to run properly in your store 

{% render 'judgeme_core' %}


Looking forward to hearing from you

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Hey there!
My theme.liquid already contains this piece of code.

My store url is
Thank you for your help

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Thank you for providing the store URL.


Upon checking your storefront, I think that the widget is actually not a widget. It's a widget from the Shopify Product Review app instead (please see screenshot for more details)




I couldn't find any widget installed on your product page so maybe it hasn't been installed. 


- You can try sending an installation request to so the supports will help you install 


- Or if you are familiar with liquid, you can use this Liquid code to install it:

{% render 'judgeme_widgets', widget_type: 'judgeme_review_widget', concierge_install: false, product: product %}


- Or you can drag review widget directly in Shopify Theme Editor by following these steps:

1. From  your Shopify Admin, go to Online Store > Themes > Customize 

2. Select the product page for edit from the dropdown like this





3. On the left sidebar, choose Add Section and then drag the Review Widget in where you like 







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Thank you!

I tried the last solution, however I don't seem to have the option to add a section...
Screenshot 2021-11-25 at 23.45.11.png

I will try adding the piece of code you provided, can you just tell me where exactly?
theme.liquid at the very end?

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Could I please get some help with this?