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I've been using Shopify for several years using diferent themes. For the past 2 years I've been managing 2 shops using the Dawn theme and it drives me crazy that the default sorting order of listings in the listing's manager cannot be permanently set to anything other than alphabetical. Yes, there are options to sort temporarily differently but they don't stick, every time you navigate away and come back, it's reverted back to alphabetical. I've asked Support several times about that.

I've managed shops of different platforms for 20 years and this is the most idiotic way of doing things I've ever seen. It's a developer's way of thinking, not a merchant's way of thinking. I have close to a thousand products listed. Alphabetical is unmanageable. What I need is to permanently see them in the reverse order they were updated, latest first. ALL THE TIME. At the moment I'm losing infinite time having to reselect that option a hundred times a day to be able to function. Developers should be made to actually manage real shops!

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Where is this listing manager that you talk about? If there is a way to stick it to alphabetical, then there should also be a way to stick it to the temporary things and make that temporary permanent.