Pls help to animate announcement bar on website header

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Hi, looking to animate announcement bar on website header to reflect like website here. W are on focal theme. 


Can anyone help? Sample website how we intend it to be is here 



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Hey Yingiyn, 

i can help you to make the animation like your reference website. 
feel free to send me a private message.




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Hey @yingiyn, thanks for reaching out to the community. Great question. 


You will need to make this change within your website coding, I would highly suggest reaching out to a Shopify Partner, or a freelancer from a website like Fiverr. You'll want to be specific with how you want your announcement bar animated when you explain what you're wanting. Depending on how you want it animated it could be very easy to do or a little more challenging.


You can also reach out with this question to our Shopify Partner and Developers Forum. There are a lot of partners and devs there that love to help others when they can. 

Kitana | Shopify 
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