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Pointing site 5 domain / deleting old content

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Hello everyone!

I am very inexperienced at making a website so please explain this to me like I am baby 🙂


I am tasked with redoing my family’s business website. It was made in like 2005 and hasn’t ever been updated

it is a site 5 domain and made with dreamweaver

essentially. I want to delete everything and start fresh on Shopify. I just want to keep the domain basically. 

what I want to do it point the site towards Shopify or whatever ? How do I delete all the content? Is there a way to just scrap it all and come over to Shopify and have them host the domain? Or point it and delete everything and use Shopify to make new site?

Does this make sense? It barely does to me!

if anyone would like to help me I would be so happy and send so much good energy your way !

thank you !!

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Hello @sp00kyfish ,

Basically by doing Migration in to shopify first take the complete backups of.

  • – products
  • – orders
  • – customers
  • – data and content in the web store, all without any problems or risk of loss of data.

    This is for migration in Shopify you need to step up everything in place, I am sending you the list of steps you have to follow.

    1. Products
    Product titles, descriptions, images, custom fields, pricing, tax, inventory, etc.

    2. Product Variants
    Core products in addition to the sub categories of products

    3. Product Attributes
    All attribute types such as size, dimensions, unit of measurement, etc.

    4. Downloadable Products
    All popular file formats for downloadable products

    5. Custom Fields
    Custom fields that are just the right fit for your unique products

    6. Pricing/Inventory Rules
    Special formulas for bulk pricing and inventory updates to the existing data

    7. Orders
    Prior order data with products, customers, totals, billing info, etc.

    8. Customers
    Entire customer database from the original store along with the associated data

    9. Customer Groups
    Personalized clusters and groups of your customers

    10. Content Pages
    Pages and all the relevant content in the old store

    11. Taxes
    Tax history and calculations to match the current store

    12. Coupon Codes
    Active discount and coupon codes from the old setup

    13. Reviews
    Product reviews that are embedded on the product pages

    14. Manufacturers
    Complete manufacturer database along with the associated details

    15. Strip HTML Styling
    Embedded HTML removal to keep the data displayed clean on the live site

    Hope this helps you to migrate your website in Shopify,

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