Re: POS 'Save as Draft Order' has issues and doesn't work well

POS 'Save as Draft Order' has issues and doesn't work well

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The replacement of the 'Save Cart' with 'Draft Order' is not working and is cumbersome and time-consuming.


It seems the POS 'Save to Draft Orders' tile was installed without it being well tested.

It is not intuitive and takes too much time which results in our in-store customers sitting there waiting for us

to be able to complete their sale.  Not a good reflection on us shop owners.


What the 'Save Cart' tile did:

   - you pressed the tile to 'save the cart'

  -  to retrieve the order:

        - you pressed the tile

       - you selected the cart you saved

       - you completed the sale


What the 'Save Draft Orders' does:

     - you press the tile

     - when you press the tile again to retrieve the order it doesn't.  Instead...

             -  you leave the Products screen

             -  you go to 'Orders'

            -   you select Draft Orders

            -   you find the saved cart - however it is included on a list with all your other 'draft' orders

            -   it brings it up for completion or removal (I'm not sure how well add/chging it works.  I've had mixed results)

            -  If you press the trash button (in the cart screen ) to delete it clears the screen and looks like it's deleted,

               but does not delete the draft order from the system

                       - when you go back into draft orders to delete it can't.  You can only Edit or Check Out.

                       - Edit or Check Out takes you right back to the cart....

                      - if you delete all the line items from the order, the order is still in Draft Orders and the line items

                             are still on it.  This is major and affects available inventory.

                         - the only way I could delete the draft orders done from the POS is to go into Shopify ADMIN and do it.


We use Draft Orders for our VIP customers to accumulate their products for a big sale.  Now that list is flooded with these 'bogus' draft orders.  


This is in no way complete testing...but nothing us store owners should be doing. This module has serious issues.

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I also want to note that these draft orders made on POS, unlike carts in the original form, cannot have discount codes added to them and saved. An error message appears. Half of the time, our reason for using a saved cart in-store (or a draft order on the backend for that matter), is because we are offering special discounts to a certain client and they want to tally everything up and know their total. We can no longer do that. 


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So confusing! Based on other merchants I've spoken to who use Shopify,  the Draft Order is almost always used for discounted bulk and wholesale orders or for high volume clients who deserve these loyalty discounts. Definitely doesn't feel like this change was tested or merchants consulted at all. I've been on all these threads and have yet to see anyone praise the change, offer examples of how it's useful for them, or even suggest what Shopify might have been aiming for with these updates. Would love to know what their intent and goals were with this change. 

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Wow I didn't even think about how this affects inventory with a backlog of POS draft orders not being easily deleted! At this point we've had to remove the draft order tile at checkout altogether. I'm sure we would all love if every customer came to checkout 100% ready and finished shopping, but nearly half of ours end up wanting to add or swap products as we ring them up, impulse buys and discovering a detail about a product (like the volume of a glass or that a set of X product is cheaper than buying 4 of Y), and this happens constantly at the boutique store we operate. Having to clear an entire order while they continue so we can ring out another waiting customer looks terrible on us, not to mention loss in sales when the who process is slowed down. I've had to pause an order to ring someone else through, explain to the first customer that I can't ring them out until they have everything they need ready, and that can lead to them leaving products behind in the interest of just getting it done faster. 


Bring back Save Cart! 

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Adding a Save Draft Order function to the POS is not helpful. As many others have stated, Draft orders tend to be for big orders or VIP customers and are edited over time using the Shopify backend on a desktop computer. On the POS app we need to be able to save carts and adjust orders for customers who are present in store. The fact we cannot do this is losing us sales. 

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Also having problems with adding additional items to an already saved “order”. I got an error message saying I had to delete all items in the cart. This makes no sense. I called Shopify and had to reset the app to fix the issue. It still works very awkwardly. I called when this change first was put in and was told there have been a lot of complaints. Cannot understand the intent of this change but it took away a function that was actually functioning!